Raaw by Markus

Raaw by Markus

November 2021
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Jawbone UP3 keeps falling off? There is an easy fix to the problem.


Even though it was released almost a year ago as I write this, I consider the Jawbone UP3 to be one of the best activity trackers available on the market right now. It looks decent compared to most other sport bands and it has most features that you need to live a healthier and more active life. The companion iOS app is also one of the best in class. But there is one big problem with the Jawbone UP3…

The Jawbone UP3 band

No matter what reason Jawbone had to design this unusual band and clasp, they must have regretted it a million times over. While this activity tracker is a very good product, the band and clasp has problems that can’t be ignored:

The solution to Jawbone UP3 falling off is called Activity Clip

At some point Jawbone realized their mistake and came up with a very simple, but highly effective, solution to the problem with the UP3 falling off. It’s called Activity Clip and it’s a small plastic clip that you attach to the UP3 band and then use to secure the clasp. You can get the Activity Clip for free from Jawbone.

I emailed Jawbone about this issue a few months ago, got my clip in the mail a few days later and can verify that it works very well and it doesn’t add any bulk or problems at all.

I look forward to a possible Jawbone UP5 band at some time in the future and by then I hope they choose a simple, more watch-like way to secure the band.